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Commercial & Domestic Solid Surface Manufacturers

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Solid Surface Solutions: Crafted With Care, Designed For You

Welcome to Solid Surface Innovations, your premier destination for bespoke solid surface services and joinery manufacturers based in Beverley, covering the whole of the UK. As a family-run business founded in 2022, we craft exceptional solid surfaces tailored to your specifications. We offer bespoke services to commercial places serving NHS facilities, schools, offices, hair salons, and more. With over 15 years of expertise and extensive knowledge, founders Martin & Kelly ensure every project receives attention to detail. From sleek countertops to durable worktops, our environmentally friendly materials boast seamless joints, ideal for various applications, including kitchens and washrooms. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Materials We Use

Bathtub in Corian, faucet and shower in tiled bathroom

A versatile solid surface material crafted from minerals and acrylic resins, offering stone's durability and wood's flexibility. Its thermoformability allows for seamless integration and limitless design possibilities. Ideal for surfaces and furnishings, Corian® excels in environments demanding the utmost hygiene standards, making it suitable for food contact surfaces.

Comprising 75% natural minerals and pigments within an acrylic matrix, it offers versatile design possibilities akin to working with wood. Himacs is ideal for diverse commercial and residential applications across various sectors and is compatible with wood and metal materials.

These durable sheets are crafted from acrylic resins and natural materials and undergo rigorous chemical and stain resistance testing. With versatile design options, they are perfect for sensitive areas like kitchen countertops, hospitals, schools, and more.

Office area with table and red chairs

Made from refined bauxite and pure acrylic resin, it guarantees a safe, high-performing, solid surface. With its non-porous composition, Staron resists stains and is effortless to clean. It offers durability, hygiene, and UV stability, ensuring a long-lasting and pristine finish.


Avonite® stands out as the sole product in the solid surface market crafted using a double-belt technology and thermal curing process. This unique method guarantees numerous advantages, such as versatile product width, flawless colour uniformity, better manufacturing precision with narrower thickness tolerance, and eco-friendly manufacturing.

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Unit 2, Samples Farm, Hunsley Rd, Walkington,

Beverley, HU17 8SZ

01482 420846

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